Coalition for Positive Change


CAN aspires to catalyse its members towards shaping future-ready and ESG-integrated business models and ecosystems. How do we do it? We do it by mobilising industry leaders and inspiring them to co-opt for collective commitment and action on sustainability.


CEOs, Board Members & Senior Management representing

Member organisations

> 20

Critical sectors represented


Our Members


CAN is led by experienced and inspiring CEOs, committed to lead by example and accelerate sustainable business practices in Malaysia. 


Members' Responsibilities

The CEOs of our member organisations have committed to support action-oriented and action-motivated sustainability agenda. They have pledged to:


  • Support CAN through financial and non-financial support on a voluntary basis;

  • Where and when possible, seek affiliations, mobilise resources, enlist new members, programmes or initiatives;

  • Promote the objectives and programmes of CAN through media and non-media platforms including peer networks;

  • Support and be part of at least one active Workstream;

  • Join peers and other CAN members to make collective commitments to demonstrate sustainability leadership; and

  • Act in full confidence, integrity and accountability.