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For membership to the CEO Action Network or additional information, please contact the Secretariat which is currently managed by the following persons:

Chong Kok Wai - CAN Lead Secretariat

Group Head of Legal, Compliance & Sustainability

GHL Systems Berhad 


Mobile: +6012-3258391

Kishore Ravuri  

Co-Founder, DEI Lead & Secretariat

Head of Strategy 

Dutch Lady Milk Industries (FrieslandCampina MY)


Mobile:  +6012-3777372

Contact Us
  • What is the purpose of CAN?
    • In the near-term, our purpose is to engage with and empower movers and shakers of the private sector in Malaysia to positively contribute to sustainable development. • Our long-term aspiration is to emerge as a credible coalition of CEOs committed to transform and drive sustainable businesses, as well as meet the UN SDGs and other national priorities such as the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement.
  • Is CAN a legal entity? What is the governance structure like?
    • CAN is an informal group of top CEOs and organisations formed to exchange ideas, learnings, and resources to integrate sustainability principles in business, influence policies, create ecosystems, demonstrate sustainability leadership, and support national agenda. • CAN is managed by a Steering Committee (SC) comprising of lead organisations from across sectors, represented by their respective CEOs, Board Members, and Senior Management. The SC makes all decisions under the active leadership of an elect chair, which is on rotation amongst the SC members. Admittance to SC is either through referrals or expression of interest, subject to sustainability due diligence and approval of SC. • The ordinary members are organisations and CEOs who are keen to adopt, integrate, implement, measure and report on sustainability. Anyone can be a member through expression of interest and official adoption of the Terms of Reference of CAN.
  • Who can be members of CAN?
    • Private sector organisations that are committed to sustainability or at least committed to the journey. • Within such organisations, the nominated members represented on CAN can be either a CEO and/or a C-Suite or a Board Member, with additional nominations such as CEO-1 or Senior Management Members to be participate in various workstreams from time to time.
  • If my organisation doesn’t want to join as a member or if we are not a private sector organisation, how else we can support CAN?"
    • The Secretariat will identify and invite organisations, experts, leaders etc. to various CAN meetings as Observers. The role of observers is to provide external perspectives on CAN’s agenda, programs and ideas. They are also encouraged to provide critique, share industry best practices, as well as enable transfer of knowledge and even skills, when possible.
  • How can one join CAN or its Steering Committee? Is there a fee or subscription model to join CAN?
    • CEOs can submit an official expression of interest to CAN Secretariat at The CAN Steering Committee will formally approve your membership. • CAN does not operate on a fee/subscription model currently as it is an informal voluntary coalition of CEOs and the operative principles are the 5 Cs: co-operation, collaboration, contribution, consensus, and change. In either cases, please submit your interest to the Secretariat on
  • What is the value proposition of CAN for current and potential members?
    • CAN is a credible platform led by top CEOs from multiple sectors, including SMEs. We lead change by directly advocating and resourcing sector-specific business and sustainability causes. CAN’s two-pronged approach is to motivate 1) direct action from the members, and 2) indirect action by enabling the regulatory/policy environment and ecosystem. • CAN members are able to tap into mutual resources, relationships, knowledge, and expertise to further their sustainability agendas, project a collective voice, and inspire collective action (to further organisational, sectoral, and national agendas on sustainability).
  • What are the financial and non-financial commitments expected of members?
    • Once you are accepted as a member of CAN, you will be required to join the Working Group as well as one or more of the existing Workstreams (WS) by nominating a CEO-1/Senior Resource. • With our operative word being ‘Action’, it is important that the CEO is able to have an oversight on the Workstream’s progress as well as how the outcomes will support his or her organisational agenda on sustainability. The CEO-1 will need to be a member of the Working Group and commit time, resources, network support based on the Workstream requirements. • There are no fixed financial commitments as the idea is to tap CAN’s existing infrastructure and knowledge to progress on the adopted causes/projects. Any funding requirements from respective Workstreams or specific member events will be discussed and mutually agreed amongst members. CAN also solicits funds from external development aid organisations and civil society, when and where necessary.
  • Who is the founder of CAN and when was it first established?
    • CIMB Group and its sustainability partner IMPACTO are the Founding Sponsors of the CEO Action Network. • The idea was first seeded at The Cooler Earth Sustainability Summit at a Leadership Luncheon on 1 October 2019. A group of 22 businesses and their CEOs agreed on the need for Transformative leadership to drive sustainability and that Collaboration with fellow CEOs will create a powerful force that would shape policies, win stakeholders, and create a favourable ecosystem for business and sustainable development. • On 20 October 2020, CAN and its TOR were officially approved by institutionalising the Steering Committee, Working Group, Workstreams, and the Secretariat.
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