Working Group


All CAN members are by default part of the Working Group, which builds and meets their expectations through various purpose-driven programmes and initiatives. Working Group members are typically senior members of management, holding key roles such as Chief Strategy Officer, Head of Sustainability, or Chief Corporate Affairs Officer.

The Group works to mobilise support and definitive action from CAN members and businesses in their ecosystems in the form of collective action and commitments towards sustainability leadership and sustainable development.

Current Focus
Collective Commitments


Sustainability leadership is all about going beyond dialogue, to demonstrating real action. In 2021, our focus is on setting collective commitments for CAN members on climate action and social stewardship. The idea is to secure consensus of our members on a set of metrics based on their respective sustainability maturity levels.

The broader role of the Working Group is to tailor activities towards helping our members to not only set progressive sustainability goals, but also achieve those goals.

All CAN members are actively working to facilitate sharing of knowledge and best practices, towards establishing collective commitment and actions to drive sustainable development in Malaysia, as well as to encourage their peers to do the same.


Workstream #2
Awareness & Capacity Building 


This workstream strives to raise awareness and build capacity across multiple levels and functions of member organisations and their value chains, helping them champion sustainability for business.

Current Focus
SME Awareness & Capacity Building


Nearly 70% of the ESG impacts occur in the supply chains of businesses. Our members therefore committed to increase ESG awareness for SMEs in their supply chains; reduce ESG risk from SMEs and engage them to support their ESG targets; uplift SME focus and disclosures on common ESG areas – through a series of practical peer-sharing and peer-learning workshops.

The bigger role of the platform would be to help leaders in the ecosystem to achieve some level of sustainability integration for their own businesses.

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Climate Change

Members who are actively driving this initiative:

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Workstream #1
Policy Advocacy 


This workstream aims to influence and shape policies and strategies to spur meaningful action that creates positive impact and limits all kinds of harm by multiple stakeholders.

Current Focus
CAN Malaysia Achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2050?


The climate emergency will require an ‘All of Government and Whole of Society’ approach. CEO Action Network in partnership with Climate Governance Malaysia, is driving a series of multi-ministerial engagements. The approach is to engage with diverse stakeholders through a combination of open (public) sessions, round table (closed door) discussions, and workshops to arrive at a set of policy recommendations and CAN members' commitments to support climate action.

The larger role of the platform would be to inform policy and provide signaling from the private sector.

Private Sector Roundtable Series

Conversation with the Ministry of Finance

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22 June 2021

Tall Buildings

Workstream #3
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) 


This workstream aims to raise awareness on the principles of and business case for diversity, equity and inclusion, while helping strengthen policies and strategic interventions.

Current Focus


By being diverse, businesses operate on the assumption that principles of equity, inclusion and fairness are served. Our members have therefore undertaken the task of critically assessing the so called best practice or widely adopted DEI strategies/approaches and develop a model policy that is premised on the theory of organisational justice. The idea is to promote DEI principles that foster stakeholder’ relationships, trust and value creation.

Casual Business Meeting

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) 

Members who are actively driving this initiative:

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