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The business case for corporate sustainability in Malaysia: A multi-stakeholder approach

The CEO Action Network (CAN) conducted the first Malaysian multi-stakeholder survey. The survey ran for a period of five months in the second half of 2022 and was led by led by four CAN members (CIMB Bank, GHL Systems, IMPACTO, and KSK Group), in partnership with Sunway University.  In total, the survey garnered responses from over 1,000 individuals, representing a wide range of age groups and socioeconomic backgrounds, thereby adding to the robustness of the findings.

This report outlines the key findings from the survey and examines how evolving trends, increased regulation, and heightened consumer expectations, are changing the corporate sustainability landscape in Malaysia.

CEO Action Network

in collaboration with Eco-Business
29 December 2023


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CAN, WWF join forces to raise awareness of nature protection

CEO Action Network (CAN), together with WWF-Malaysia, will organise “CAN Nature Retreat 2023” to bring together leaders from various industries to help shape the role of Malaysian businesses in sustainable development and protection of nature.

The programme, to be held in Genting Highlands from July 17-18, will feature a series of high-level dialogues to pool knowledge as well as galvanise support to operationalise commitments and amplify collective actions to combat climate change and nature loss.

CEO Action Network

The Star
22 June 2023


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CEOs Push for ESG Agenda

BUSINESSES today have no choice but to respond to the need for greater sustainability in the face of a potential climate disaster, says Petroliam Nasional Bhd (Petronas) president and group chief executive officer Tengku Muhammad Taufik Tengku Aziz.


Tengku Muhammad Taufik, who is also chairperson of the steering committee of CEO Action Network (CAN), explains that this unprecedented period presents many untapped opportunities to develop and offer new solutions to the market that will contribute positively to society and the environment.

CEO Action Network

The Star
2 October 2021


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Coalition of Business Leaders to Drive Transformative Changes

FIRST conceptualised by the CIMB Group and its sustainability partner Impacto as the founding sponsors, the CEO Action Network (CAN) is a coalition of business leaders with a purpose and is governed by an appointed steering committee and its chair.


The coalition is led by experienced and inspiring sustainability practitioners, committed to lead by example and set new benchmarks. Through its dedicated working group, work streams and active members driving bespoke projects, CAN aspires to pledge collective commitments and catalyse its members towards shaping carbon-neutral business models and ecosystems.


Here are the thoughts of several chief executive officers (CEOs) who are part of CAN, on three key questions posed to them.

CEO Action Network

The Star

2 October 2021

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CEO Action Network Announces Collective ESG Commitments to Achieve Malaysia’s Net Zero Future

CEO Action Network (CAN), the first sustainability-focused informal coalition of leading CEOs and senior decision makers in the country, today announced its collective ESG commitments to be achieved by 2023 ahead of the global COP26 meeting in Glasgow in November.


The commitments which were made official during CAN’s first anniversary event will be critical to enabling the country to achieve a Net Zero future, and will also be pivotal to accomplishing the aspirations of Malaysia’s Shared Prosperity Vision by 2030.

CEO Action Network

Press Release
23 September 2021

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To accelerate climate action, start with mandating climate education in schools

Mandate climate education in schools alongside a decarbonisation task force to accelerate climate action in Malaysia.

While countries such as India, Philippines, China, Japan, and Brazil have had environmental education formally mandated in their national curricula for years, in Asia, we need to see more grass roots efforts to raise awareness among schools. Malaysia is reaching a tipping point for decarbonisation, and the momentum is only growing with businesses coming to the forefront for definitive action. CEO Action Network  (CAN) is one of the recent informal coalitions of CEOs of leading businesses in Malaysia, committed to the decarbonisation agenda and in support of climate awareness and education efforts. To know more about CAN membership and opportunities to collaborate with industry leaders and your peers, write to the secretariat at

Sonia Sambhi
15 July 2021

In the news

Photo_Tengku Muhammad Taufik.jpg

Yes, we CAN

Join the series of round tables to discuss ways to increase national climate ambition.

CAN is a unique platform where CEOs convene to mobilise collective commitment, and project a collective voice and common themes across corporate Malaysia. Members of CAN have been working with select partners to facilitate a multi-ministerial engagement to strengthen our national climate ambition. To know how you can join the roundtables, write to the policy advocacy chair at

Tengku Muhammad Taufik Tengku Aziz

The Edge Malaysia

21 June 2021



CAN Malaysia achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2050?

Join the series of round tables to discuss ways to increase national climate ambition.

Businesses are under unprecedented pressure from investors, regulators, financiers, customers, and employees to demonstrate their climate resilience against a backdrop of a warming world and to articulate their climate ambition. There is therefore an urgent need for an alignment of government policy between economic, climate and energy priorities, against a backdrop of socio-economic wellbeing of citizens. To know how you can join the roundtables, write to the policy advocacy chair at

Climate Governance Malaysia


18 April 2021

In the news


Climate and environmental Governance: Five years on from the Paris Accord, where are we?

Time is running out, and we need to take the plunge.

The climate crisis is a top financial risk which needs to be addressed as part of the governance and stewardship duties of CEOs and boards of directors, in the same way as any other issues prioritised at the board level. Business leaders of CEO Action Network came together to commit to sustainability efforts and action. To know more about the collective commitments of CEO Action Network, write to the Working Group Chair at

Sunita Rajakumar & Luanne Sieh

Edge Weekly

18 December 2020

In the news

Holding Plant

Urgent need to adopt ESG practices

Consensus achieved at the inaugural meeting to institutionalise CEO Action Network.

During a virtual CEO Action Network (CAN) Members Meeting, some 100 corporate leaders comprising managing directors, chief executive officers, chief financial officers and management level executives brainstormed ideas to further the sustainability agenda. To know more about CAN membership and opportunities to collaborate with industry leaders and your peers, write to the secretariat at

Royce Tan

The Star

21 October 2020

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